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Terms and Conditions

When submitting your shipping address, you must include the floor, suite or apartment number, if applicable. You must also include the phone number and e-mail address of the recipient. If your address is a business, you must include the company name and recipient name. If any of these details are omitted from your order, we cannot guarantee the timely delivery of your package, and your order may be subject to additional shipping fees.

An adult signature is required for all packages, except glassware purchases.

If there is not an adult to sign for the package, and three unsuccessful delivery attempts have been made at the recipient’s address, the package will be sent to a local holding facility for 5 business days. At this time your recipient (if we have their phone number) will be notified by FedEx to pick up their package. If your recipient does not pick up their package, it will be sent back to us and you will be notified when it arrives at our office. If you want your order reshipped, we will contact you to process the additional payment for two-way shipping charges.

At this time, we are unable to ship alcohol to the following states due to State and Federal Laws:

Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Utah and Vermont. If you would like to place a glassware order for the aforementioned states, contact for more information.

We do not ship on weekends or government holidays, or in the event of inclement weather.

If you receive a “Shipping Confirmation” email from us after 5PM EST or on a weekend or holiday, it means we have processed and packed your order, but FedEx will ship it on the next business day.

Residential orders are eligible for Saturday deliveries at the convenience of the FedEx driver.

Please notify your gift recipient of your package, to ensure they are present to sign for the box. If you do not provide their contact information for automated tracking updates from FedEx, you assume responsibility for the cost to reship the package to its destination if the package is returned to us.

Return Policy

We will only accept returns if an item arrives damaged, if we send you an incorrect item, if we make an engraving error, or if the item is spoiled.

 Proof of damage or the incorrect item is required from the customer and/or FedEx in order to refund your order.

 We engrave exactly the message you provide to us, so please review your order with great care to correct any misspellings, grammar, names and dates, before submitting payment. Proof of an error on our part is required from the customer in order to refund your order.

 If you suspect the product is spoiled, please put the cork back in, tape it closed and return the bottle to us with the wine or spirit still in it. We cannot accept returns of spoiled product unless the product is still in the bottle.